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Settling in 

Buying a new horse or pony is an exciting but scary new venture for all of us. Whether it is a first owned horse or one of many, it is such a big commitment and we worry about getting it right. 
We must remember these horses, are living breathing animals, with minds and feelings of their own and as much as we have a plan and expect them just to settle right in, unfortunately it's not always as straight forward as we hope. 
It takes time for most horses to adapt to a change of home, they are exposed to new surroundings, horses, people, smells, routine, diet, etc.Each and every one of us handles and rides differently, we have preferred routines, approaches,  riding styles and ways with how we do things. This can be all very confusing for a horse, especially when they are unsettled/nervous after a huge change. Some horses will settle right in with no issues, but the majority will need some support and adaptations to help them.
I think it's vital that every horse buyer and owner bares this in mind and to not be quick to reject or give up upon any hiccups which may occur during the settling in stage. Horses can only communicate through their behaviour. We must treat each horse as their own individual, and not compare to others. Remember horses need to get to know us, the same as we need to get to know and understand them
I am more than happy to help and keep in touch after sale. I love to see and hear how every horse and pony I sell is getting on! 

After sale advice : Settling in your new horse/pony
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