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Policies at MSJ Equestrian Ltd

Securing a Horse/Deposits
1. A deposit will secure the horse for 7 days and take them off the market to other potential buyers, within that time the purchaser has the option to arrange a vet check (if preferred) and/or transport. Should there be a delay with organising the above, we will extend the length of time as long as there is proof of transport and increase of deposit amount.
 2. Deposits are non refundable , we will only refund the deposit should the horse fail to meet veterinary standards and has been deemed as ‘ not fit for your purpose’ by a qualified veterinarian. Refunds only apply in this circumstance during a pre purchase vet inspection and not once the horse has left our premises. 
Upon the Seller’s receipt of the Purchase Price (as cleared funds) 
3. Upon funds being released from purchaser to seller , ownership of the Horse shall pass from the Seller to the Purchaser
4.The Seller strongly recommends that the Purchaser adequately insures the Horse (preferably covering third party liability, death, theft, veterinary fees and loss of use) prior to or immediately upon payment.
5.  Responsibility for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever caused by the Horse shall pass to the Purchaser.
6. The Seller will release possession of the Horse to the Buyer or his/her employee/agent together with passport and a legal binding sales contract 
7.  The Purchaser (or another person designated by the Purchaser) in coordination with the Seller will arrange for the transportation of the Horse from the Seller’s premises, (at the Seller’s and the Purchaser’s convenience) at the Purchaser’s expense. Purchaser must notify Seller if they need seller to assist with arranging transport
8.  Where the Horse is not collected immediately upon ownership of the Horse passing from the Seller to the Purchaser, the Purchaser agrees to indemnify the Seller against all costs incurred in caring for the Horse (veterinary costs etc.) until the horse is collected by the Purchaser or his employee/agent.  Any loss, damage or injury whatsoever caused by the Horse whilst the Horse is at the Seller’s premises awaiting collection by the Purchaser shall be the Purchaser’s responsibility. Livery will be charged at the current full livery rate 5 days after ownership has transferred. This allows new owners 5 days to arrange delivery / collection for the horse without any livery charges applied by MSJ Equestrian 
9.  The Purchaser acknowledges that :- The Seller makes no representation as to the past, current or future health, fitness, performance, ability or material defects which the Purchaser acknowledges have been disclosed by the Seller
10. The Purchaser has inspected the Horse and is satisfied with its health, fitness and ability.
11.  The Purchaser acknowledges that the Horse is open to veterinary inspection, which the Purchaser may instruct a vet to perform at his discretion. In accepting or declining the opportunity to have the Horse inspected by a vet, the Purchaser waives all rights to bring a claim against the Seller in respect of any matter revealed or which should have been revealed by the vet during that inspection.
12.  The Purchaser is satisfied that the Horse is suitable for its intended purpose.
13.  The Purchaser accepts that horses are unpredictable by nature and that horse riding is a high risk sport. The Seller is unable to predict how any horse will mature or develop in new ownership however the Seller will provide full details of the Horse’s routine and current exercise/feed/tack requirements in order that the Horse has the best opportunity of settling into his new home.
14. If the purchaser wishes to return the horse, this will fall under the consumers rights act 2015 and therefore MSJ Equestrian will allow 28 days from purchase date to return the horse if it falls under the terms within the law. If the horse is not as described, a refund of purchase price minus a 10% fee will be given and for the above to be honoured the purchaser must comply with the following  (a) The Horse must be returned in the same condition as it was in when it left our premises.(b) The Horse must not be injured or blemished in any way.(c) It must not be freezemarked or have ID brands or a replacement microchip inserted.(d) MSJ Equestrian reserve the right to have a veterinary surgeon inspect the Horse on its return.(e) Funds will not be released until MSJ Equestrian are satisfied that the horse has returned as they left. In the same condition in all ways. The purchaser is entitled to part exchange the horse indefinitely at any time and for any reason 
15.  If the purchaser wishes MSJ Equestrian to take the horse back to sell on their behalf, this is an option indefinitely and the following charges will apply –(a) Livery charged at the current rate.(b) 10% of the sale price(c) If separate sales advertising is required, the costs will be charged to the Purchaser.(d) If the farrier or the vet is required the costs will be charged to the Purchaser. 
16. Should a horse be bought unseen – it is the purchaser’s responsibility to ask for all relevant information and videos to ensure suitability as well as referring to trainers / experts prior to commitment. The seller has not had the opportunity to witness the horse ridden/handled by the buyer, nor the buyers experience and suitability. Therefore the buyer must satisfy themselves of their capability prior to purchase. MSJ Equestrian will be honest regarding the horses behaviour , however buyers must take responsibility when choosing to purchase unseen and still take all necessary checks and advice as well as being honest about their own capabilities. 
17. Should a purchaser buy a horse through MSJ Equestrian on sales livery , an agreement will be made between purchaser and seller - seller being MSJ Equestrian as an agent. 
Buying a horse through sales livery will be similar to buying privately however some sellers are happy to allow warranties therefore buyers must check the individual terms prior to purchase. 
Under no circumstances will MSJ Equestrian be liable to return or refund any payments for horses that have been sold on behalf of a client.
Transportation fees, delivery and return are non-refundable Please contact MSJ Equestrian for their most upto date livery and sales livery fees 
Thank you 

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