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Copied this ( I did not write this) couldn't of said it better ❤️

What is it like to be a dealer, in a world where that name is tarnished into something negative?

It's a difficult job especially as somebody who chose the job based on the love of animals and lack of love for people. Even more so as I spend more time around people than ever before!

It's an even harder job when people come to you looking to "catch you out" or like you are someone who wants to screw them over and sell rubbish for a quick buck (nobody makes money in this line of work, just enough to keep feeding the addiction!)

But let me tell you something, most of us do it for the love. Love of the horse and the love of that horse, finding it's partner to move onto that next chapter with and have the life of love they deserve.

Does that mean I'm perfect? That I'm always going to get it right? Sadly not, as much as I aim for 100% success rate, this isn't realistic or the truth. And that counts for all challenges in life.

At the end of the day, these are living breathing creatures, with their own thoughts and opinions (some more than others!) so while I can assess and aim to find the type of rider they might suit based on what I know/how they are with me/how they've been in different situations. Sometimes horses don't feel the same way and it isn't right, sometimes they start behaving in ways not previously seen or noted.

Does this make me a con artist? A thief? A "dodgy dealer"?

Or does it simply mean that horses aren't black and white (figuratively!) but instead a thousand shades of grey that make them who they are: complicated, individual and wonderful. It's why we love them and why we choose them over bicycles, right?!

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