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Sharing this post which I completely agree with and couldn't of wordered better

‘ Give it a chance ‘

Relationships with horses are no different to any other relationship

Relationships and friendships are built on trust and trust comes with time.

Time is something that we never seem to have enough of, one minute we’re 18 and the next we’re in our 30s wondering where all that time went !

So much is expected in such little time when it comes to the purchase of a horse , people seem in such a rush to ‘ test the boundaries ‘ to make sure that horse is exactly what they need going forward.

I can promise you that with that attitude the horse definitely won’t be and you’ll be left disappointed.

Giving the partnership an opportunity to grow is the only chance you and your new horse have to a lasting relationship.

Take the pressure off

Enjoy the horse

Get to know the horse on the ground as well as on board

Bite size your goals

Don’t over challenge / over face the horse in the first few weeks

It doesn’t matter if the horse is young or older , by coming to you that is a massive deal for them as it’s a change in environment, routine and human / horse contact. They have absolutely no idea who you are , who their friends are and even the hay doesn’t taste the same..

So many people miss out on the opportunity to own their perfect horse because they are so quick to judge them on arrival ( first few weeks )

Horses take months , sometimes up to a year to settle.

Allow yourself the chance to work them out , to understand them. Allow the horse the chance to understand what you want from them.

Don’t expect too much from them or from yourself

Just because they can jump 120 and so can you doesn’t mean you can do it together right now.. but you will… given the chance

I repeat , enjoy them - it’s meant to be a hobbie after all.

It’s a journey - remember that…

I don’t know anyone who’s had a journey with no bumps in the road.

I understand where the pressure comes from especially if you buy from a dealer and you have an option to a refund within a certain period of time. but come on guys, let’s take some responsibility for the animal that you have chosen to take home.

If you have decided to offer a horse a home, at least give the horse and you a chance to bond.

They deserve that don’t they?

You deserve that !

By sending them back at the first hurdle, you have no idea what your missing out on if you had just given it a chance

Nothing has to be forever ….

Yes I appreciate the warranty and the law but remember that what you’ve bought is a living animal with a brain and feelings and doesn’t resemble anything like an appliance from Tesco - rather than throwing the book at the dealers why not work with the dealers.

I’ll happily extend warrantys if needed and always offer sales livery in the future if needed should it not work out.

If the horse has been given an opportunity to shine , and still doesn’t in a few months / year -

I’m certain everything will be done to ensure the horse is placed into and a different home and you can give yourself a pat on the back knowing full well that you have tried and not left wondering the ‘ what ifs ‘

Sometimes it doesn’t work out and that’s OK but can you honestly say that you know that horse inside out within a few weeks ? Really ?

When you buy a horse , your buying an animal with a brain and with feelings who have had their world turned upside down

Please remember that 💝

Happy weeekend x

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