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Let them be horses.

Turn them out, let them run.

Let them buck, let them leap, rather in the field than the arena, right?

Give them a herd, even a herd of two.

Let them be with other horses, what’s a life without friends?

Give them downtime, not just days off riding, but days to enjoy life.

Happy horses are trainable horses.

Take the rug off, let them feel the sun.

Let them roll in the mud, a little dirt never hurt anyone.

Escape the arena and explore, don’t stick to the well worn path.

The most beautiful places are usually found by accident.

Showing them how much you love them doesn’t have to come from buying expensive things.

You can buy every rug, all the boots, the best tack, wash them, groom them, feed them, put them in the best yard, with the best facilities and wrap them up in cotton wool, but one day you’ll realise the best thing you could possibly do...

... is just let them be horses.

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