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Due to the risks involved with the fluctuating covid, variety of tiers etc I still have not felt it is in the best interest for myself, my family and my potential customers to open my yard back up for viewings.

I hope you can appreciate my reasons for doing this. I have to abide by my decision to ensure it is fair for everybody. I have several horses and ponies for sale and I would poteinally be opening up to a moderate to high amount of visitors on the yard adding to the risks/spread of covid. Even with being outside the tack would be shared, touching of gates, assistance needed with mounting etc.

I already have a regular person to help with yard duties, exercising/videoing me riding, farrier, hay/straw supplier, transporter, dentist and vet.

Every horse and pony I sell comes with a 28 warranty- full refund if not as described. (Written/signed contracts in place) however if you just didnt like the horse etc I would offer a swap or exchange or free resale so you wouldnt be stuck. They are open to vetting too.

I successfully match client and horse from a phonecall or message (please see my reviews) with your requirements and will only advise the sale if I feel horse/pony is suitable and what you are looking for.

Thank you for your time in reading this. I hope to be able to find you your new friend if not now but in the near future


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