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Thought it was about time to share...

My response to negative posts on the dodgy dealer groups on Facebook

They have allowed a witch hunt and false statements etc to be plastered over the pages about me. Honestly yes I have had a handful of unhappy customers (a handful compared to all my happy customers) These are mostly from 2- 3 years ago, I admit I was unprofessional at the time , I never did anything wrong or knowingly missell any horses but when the customers weren't happy with my resolution I did block them and not follow through . Another fault was not assesing them properly and selling them with the information i was given at sale.I learnt quickly this was the wrong thing to do and have strived over the last couple of years to build my reputation.

Accusation of me selling under a whole list of names! During that time period I had girls who rode for me etc advertising some of the ponies (as they wanted to) which is where some of these extra names have come from. I also have never used my real name on Facebook for personal reasons but have always sold under my name. Again where the list of names is longer due to some of my old profiles such as millie clo, to etc(I had a few at one point because all the blocking and banning which was going on due to not being able to advertise horses) some of the names I apparently use aswell, are my previous sales livery clients , which they have got from bank details when they have sent payment directly to owners. There's names on the lists the i've never heard of or have and are sellers which i have never been or are not linked into. Im not sure why people make up these rumours or what they get out of it. The main person doing this has never met me, bought from me or even spoke to me. I have confronted over message and susprinsgly no reply!

Stealing money I have never ever stolen money. Horses are reserved with a non refundable deposit. Iv had several customers change their mind or pulls out of the sale for different reasons and demand deposit back. When this is refused they start using words like scam and stolen. Hence where these rumours started! There was one case where I sold a horse on sales livery without the horse coming to my premises. All done over phone/email. Have only ever done a couple of times and after this case will not do again. It was bought to my attention 4 months after sale that apparently the horse never arrived, I then had accusations of stealing the money etc. The woman who raised all this was extremely dodgy and her bank flagged up as fraud. I dont know whether the sales livery client used me to scam the buyer or whether the buyer was lying. But I will not put my self in that position again and have tightened my sales livery policy.

Selling horses i dont have Links to the above

Problem horses, neglect etc Any posts stating any of above or in these lines is absolutely rubbish. I chose to do what I do for the love I have for horses. I work really hard to ensure they want for nothing. I spend a lot of money on their hay, bedding feed etc so they want for nothing. I am there daily most the time alone and with two toddlers mucking out etc and ensuring they are all happy and cared for . They all have farrier dental physio vet care etc as and when needed and when I can get them out (this can sometimes be hard with the irregular pattern I have with horses in and out all the time and sometimes cant check their dental care etc but will always advise this upon sale ) I wont write off any horse. I will not sell anything dangerous and have had a horse PTS before because it had old injuries and clearly had no quality of life even as a companion. Just because a horse has a vice or hasnt had the best care is under weight etc doesnt mean its a bad horse, shouldn't be sold etc. I am open , honest and declare any vices or things the horse needs and in my opinion and experience there is someone out there for every horse. I have never ever purchased a horse from the meat man and dont know where this accusation stemmed from. The sites are like Chinese whispers and this has continued to crop up. Not every horse is perfect and price always reflects the present condition of the horse. If I do have any horses under weight condition etc I ensure they have the best of everything correct feed etc to build them up (I always do a photo diary to prove my efforts as it's so rewarding to see them improve) and to highlight its not my fault or the horses fault they are in that condition and with dedication and TLC its not that hard to start turning them around to get them upto weight etc.

I would just like to empahise there are two sides to every story. I have refunded people, partly refunded etc always abided by contract and sought legal advice and even where I have dealt with the matter professionally and legally I have still had bad press and lies put on these groups afterwards.

I have a couple of customers commenting and saying I misold their horse, but follow them on Facebook and tells a different story -full of happy posts and photos and they refuse when offered to by the horse back. Iv been lied to about 'issues' , sent money back as a good will gesture and theres photos of the horse being ridden etc with none of the 'issues' This is just one example

At the end of the day they are horses and not washing machines. I can only judge the horse in the short amount of time I have it and with any previous history given. There are many private owners out there who are dishonest and dealers are the ones that take the brunt if problems later arise or things come out which we had no idea about. Horses can fall ill, get injuries etc. It's life it happens unfortunately most the time its bad luck and timing and doesn't mean the horse has been missold. I would never knowingly sell a horse without declaring any issues. Its not fair or worth the hassle for the horse, me or the buyer.

I have sold many many horses successfully, a high number unseen and I am proud of my many happy customers and horses.

A dishonest seller wouldn't turn customers away, advise horses unsuitable once given their requirements, declare any known health problems, vices. Refund and have a horse back if been misold. These are all things I have and will adhere to.

Horses being sold and being given the chance to settle and how they turn out has a lot to do with the buyer, their attitude and ability to do the right thing to understand they are animals and might need time or adaptations to ensure they are happy. I cannot thank my previous customers enough for the ones who have had teething problems at the start but persevered and are now very happy. Horses have feelings and a mind of their own and they are not always as straight forward as we hope, especially after a move change etc.

Groups like this are biased and full of fake comments and people who have never even spoken to me let alone bought from me spreading rubbish and bad mouthing me, majority probably because what they have seen posted and believed. I have had threats against myself and my children by some really nasty strangers at one point causing me to loose sleep and had to log it to the police.

I have sacked people off (straight away) who I have employed to ride for me in the past because I never liked their aggressive tone towards the horses or attitude if they didn't ride as they wanted them too etc, one stealing money off a client which I recoperated and gave back.

Please look on my website. Testimonials and blog (blog most recent reviews) these are actual people who have purchased from me and not fake. Most have names on there so if you want to contact them feel free. I undersrand what you read on social media looks bad but I hope you can overlook this from seeing my website like many of my recent customers have as I have some fantastic geniune horses for sale at the moment

Thank you for your time in reading this

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